Welcome to MindHolocaust

MindHolocaust is a website and an organization focused on Mind Conditioning Technologies.

MindHolocaust website is here to inform people about the abuses made by these technologies and to connect together people that are interested in doing something about these abuses.

MindHolocaust organization aims to:

  • to investigate and expose the facts, to publicly denounce the abuses of Mind Conditioning Technologies, whenever and wherever abuses happen;
  • to support the victims of Mind Conditioning Technologies;
  • to lobby governments, asking to promulgate laws against Mind Conditioning Technologies abuses;
  • to investigate how these technologies can be revealed and neutralized;

MindHolocaust has just been launched (June 2015) and at the moment is a private's initiative.

Meet the Founder

“ The lack of imagination is unforgivable. „

Massimo Opposto

MindHolocaust's founder

Philosophy degree on Artificial Intelligence.
Bologna University (Italy)

Making money as:
Web Application/Services Developer, Architect, Analyst.

Massimo Opposto, born in Brescia (Italy), in 1975, is a philosopher, web programmer and political activist.
At the age of four, his parents moved to a small town, close to the city of Bologna (Italy).
During the lately 90's, he took part to some political activities in Bologna city, within the Rekombiannt movement: a symbolic-deconstructionist cultural movement inspired by Franco Bifo Berardi and having some influences from adbuster.org . The Rekombinant movement was adopting the culturejamming/guerrilla communication techniques, applied to social and political criticism.
In 2000 he joined an art-ivist group for the defence of privacy's rights, called "survellance camera players (SCP)". He founded a local SCP-group that was performing in Bologna's streets during 2001/2002. An article about these facts is included in the book Media Activism , by Matteo Pasquinelli published by DeriveApprodi.
In 2004 he graduated in philosophy at the Bologna's university, debating a thesis on artificial intelligence.
In 2007 he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he conducted some researches about digital privacy, while he has being hackctive online...
In 2013 he discovered the abuses of the telepathic technology and so he decided to found the MindHolocaust initiative. Currently he is working on a book about the effects and the abuses of the telepathic technology.
He is also collaborating with Combate, a humanistic online magazine.

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