History of Thought Identification
A dossier about Mind Reading, Part I (2006-2015)

MindHolocaust is proud to present and to publish the "Mind Reading" dossier: a short but exhaustive chronological history about mind-reading technology.

The dossier answers to the question "Does mind-reading technology exist?" with extreme accuracy.

Each statement of the dossier is well documented and well proved.

All the documentation is provided with the dossier as web links and PDF documents.

All the dossier's documents are official documents: scientific publications, press releases published by universities or institutions or federal agencies.

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Decoding Our Senses

Our senses, our audio-visual experiences, can be decoded and reconstructed using fMRI and computer algorithms scientists claimed at the end of 2011 beginning 2012.

A short documentary about decoding audio-visual experiences reserches has been produced in the series Science Bytes, funded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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Reading your mind

the CBS documentary about the nuroscience technique called “thought identification”

Neuroscience has learned much about the brain's activity and its link to certain thoughts.
As Lesley Stahl reports, it may now be possible, on a basic level, to read a person's mind.

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John-Dylan Haynes: Mind reading with brain scanners

A TEDx Talk about Mind Reading

The research of John-Dylan Haynes focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying human cognitive processes. His special interests are technical and ethical foundations of mental state decoding, as well as the neuroscience of consciousness, intentions and free will.

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