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about military practices

The observatory mindholocaust is conducting a research on military practices for mind and thoughts conditioning.

The goal of this research is to aknoledge and reveal new technologies and derived techniques used specifically to reduce and to constrain the mind's potential into an entangled automation.

At the moment the research is focusing on three new practices that can be used together to fulfill the objective:

1) "mind reading" or "thought identification": the capacity of knowing someone else thoughts, thanks to recent neuroscience achievements.
2) remote brain spying: the capacity of performing mind-reading from remote distance, kind of "having the mind online".
3) subliminal audio messages: the capacity to influence someone's thought using barely perceptible audio stimulations.

The first dossier on mind-reading has already been published: a brief but exhaustive and well-documented chronological history of the recent achievements of neuroscience.

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acknowledge the situation

It is important to be aware of the situation: knowing the phenomenons and its consequences.

In short: an hidden power is using telepathic technology and other techniques of mind conditioning with the aim of dominating individuals and the society.

With this technology the mind's inner voice can be "heard" by a third person.

Auditory messages can also be sent to the subject.

This treatment can deeply manipulate a person's behaviour. Anyway, effects can be attenuated or neutralized, if they are known.

The technology used is almost intangible: it is difficult to detect, its use is difficult to be identified.

Una vez identificado, es difícil de comunicar: es difícil hablar de este fenómeno con otras personas.

These two characteristics (that is difficult to be identified and its abuse hardly disclosable) have slowed down its complaint.

The mindholocaust's chapter "awareness" aims to ly denounce this phenomenon and to describe it in details.

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receive and give mutual support

If you hear voices and you think they are real, then you are in the right place and you have found people that think the same about.

If you perceive that your thoughts are suggested by subliminal audio messages, sometimes a barely perceptible voice, then you may be a victim of technological telepathy.

If you can listen to subliminal messages in social contexts, radio, television or through any other "white noise", you can then be aware of the control exercised over the masses through the use of subliminal conditioning techniques with technological means.

It is not a disease of yours. It is the world where we live in. This is happening because of the powers that be. They exist.

When someone discover it, usually the first reaction he/she has, is to have fear and panicking. But you can be helped passing the worst. We already passed through it, it seems now it is your turn. You can count on our help.

So, feel free to contact us. One day, you might help someone that is in your current situation.

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how to resist and respond

As you have become aware of the telepathic technology, what to do?

First, you need to keep calm. The first goal is to win the shock taken due to the awareness of what is happening. How? Some techniques to avoid panic are explained below. Help yourself to avoid a mental treatment program.

The awareness shock may stimulate self-injuring behaviors and the desire to commit suicide. It is good to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Below there is a list of instinctive reactions that is better to avoid .

Become aware usually causes distress. This emotional state can last for years. It is good to make an effort to reduce distress's impact. Some techniques that explain how to minimize the anguish are presented below.

Once the anguish has been attenuated, then it is possible to direct the response to the outside world. A list of actions to counter the threat of the MindHolocaust are presented below.

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meet up, staying and relaxing

Would you like to meet other people who are fighting against the abuse of telepathic technology?

A list of places where you can meet MindHolocaust's activists is presented below. You can request a meeting using the contact form .

It also possible to use the "Meetup" application in order to organize meetings in your city.

Some online communication channels are available for the community.

Among the blueprints under construction we mention the most important.

The MindHolocaust biennial, about the abuse of the telepathic technology and other threats. It is possible to present artwork/research proposal using the submission form.

The laboratory "Mindlab", to practice techniques and technologies of resistance and response to the phenomenon.

A secured residence in the nature, to get a clear mind and to relax.

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Decoding Our Senses

Our senses, our audio-visual experiences, can be decoded and reconstructed using fMRI and computer algorithms scientists claimed at the end of 2011 beginning 2012.

A short documentary about decoding audio-visual experiences reserches has been produced in the series Science Bytes, funded by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Copyright not specified. Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
It is believed that the use of partial scaled-down and low-resolution videoclip is qualified as fair use.

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Mind Control and Social Media

DARPA's former director Regina Douglas kickstarts Facebook's project on mind-reading technologies.

"building 8" is the name of the project, that will benefit of "hundreds of people and hundreds of millions of dollars" said Mark Zuckerberg in a tweet. It is probably DARPA's imprinting to the next "social" generation.

History of Thought Identification
A dossier about Mind Reading, Part I (2006-2015)

MindHolocaust is proud to present and to publish the "Mind Reading" dossier: a short but exhaustive chronological history about mind-reading technology.

The dossier answers to the question "Does mind-reading technology exist?" with extreme accuracy.

Each statement of the dossier is well documented and well proved.

All the documentation is provided with the dossier as web links and PDF documents.

All the dossier's documents are official documents: scientific ations, press releases published by universities or institutions or federal agencies.

Read and enjoy the dossier

Metropia: a likely dystopia

How the telepathic technology looks like.

Metropia is a movie about a world's corporate-driven dystopia in which corporations can read people's thoughts and deliver informations to the people's mind...

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Metropia: The main idea.

This videoclip is an extract from a Metropia's review: the movie's main idea is explained.

Metropia: Am I hearing things?

This videoclip is about a man that is experiencing the hearing of a stranger's voice inside his own head. The stranger listen to the man's inner voice's thoughts...

Metropia: It is hard to talk about it.

This videoclip shows how embarrassing can be to talk about this phenomenon.

Reading your mind

the CBS documentary about the nuroscience technique called “thought identification”

Neuroscience has learned much about the brain's activity and its link to certain thoughts.
As Lesley Stahl reports, it may now be possible, on a basic level, to read a person's mind.

Copyright © 2009 by CBS. All Rights Reserved.
It is believed that the use of partial scaled-down and low-resolution videoclip is qualified as fair use.

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Targeted Individuals Map

Global census of targeted individuals.

Open the Targeted Individuals Map census

Be aware, clicking the link will open a webpage that is tracked by Google.

The targeted individuals map is a global census of targeted individuals displayed on a world map.

The targeted-individuals-map website offers a wolrd view on the community of persons that marked themself in this census as Mind Control-ed Targeted Individuals.

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Your generosity makes possible to improve our investigations and to denounce the abuses of the telepathic technology more aloud.

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“ Despite our fears or our knowledge, try every step however little results it can ensure - in short, act as if however we had the right to a minimum hope of success. ”

Günther Anders